Residential & Commercial Services

Whether you are a home or business owner and a project calls for renovation, maintenance or new construction, Sonny Boy Services, offers installation, repair and maintenance solutions on your eavestroughs, soffits and siding.

Call us whenever you need:

• Supply and Installation of New Eavestroughs
• Soffits
• Installation of Leaf Screens
• Hail Damage

We take pride in our work and our experience offers:
Knowledge | Attention to detail | Positive attitude | Cleanliness

If you need to refresh your exterior of your home, have eavestrough issues contact us for a free estimate.

Our products are the best in the industry.

  • 5” Baked-On-Continuous Eavestroughing
  • Soffits and Fascia
  • Gutter Guard
  • Siding and Cladding
The soffit, siding, cladding and eavestrough materials we use come from name-brand, reputable manufacturers such as:

  • Gentek Building Products
  • Kaycan Building Broducts
Sonny Boy Services installs 5” Baked-On-Continuous Eavestroughing. This product is available in many colour choices. These eavestroughs not only help the curb appeal of your home or business but are also functional in ensuring you are protected from the elements. We ensure a proper fit through precision installation and make sure that water is draining properly to avoid water damage.

We are proud to install the Alu-Rex product line—the continuous hanger system—the best on the gutter market. These products can be added to an existing rainwater management system or used to increase the durability and resistance of a new gutter. A continuous hanger strengthen your gutter end-to-end while also serving as a shield to keep out leaves and debris.

Soffit and fascia finish the appearance of your home, protect your joists and rafters, and facilitate your attic ventilation with professional installation of soffits and fascia.

Available in different colours and stylings, soffits and fascia serve to protect. Fascia is a formed piece of metal that caps your roof rafters and support your gutters. Soffits are the area that join the siding and rooflines of your building often ventilated to facilitate air movement in attic areas.

Sonny Boy installs vinyl siding. There are numerous colours and styles available but they all serve the purpose of protecting your home from the elements and increasing the value through better curb appeal.
Our experience will help you in the selection of style and colour.
We offer the gutter clean system® from alu-rex. Installed over your existing rain gutters, without replacing them, it keeps leaves from clogging rain gutters and lets water flow efficiently and quickly, preventing water infiltration. Backed by a 40-year clog-free warranty, Gutter Clean system insures your eaves won’t get blocked.

We install the T-Rex® continuous hanger™ system from Alu-Rex on new eavestrough installation to prevent snow, ice and debris from penetrating inside the eavestrough. It blocks ice and facilitates drainage, your eavestroughs will remain empty for perfect drainage year-round. Covered by a lifetime warranty on the material and structural integrity, the T-Rex also increases the sturdiness along the entire length extending the service life of the eavestrough.

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